Quality Surfaces has surfaces that can be used in very many situations customers may not have considered. We have applied our products to job sites in Indiana for over 27 years. These can be applied both inside and outside homes and buildings, vertical or horizontal, and functional or aesthetic. There are three main areas of expertise in which we apply our services and those are Commercial Remodeling, Residential Remodeling, and New Construction.

Commercial Remodeling

Quality Surfaces works with various millworks, general contractors, and subcontractors to provide countertops, wall covering, and more to many types of commercial properties. We have been involved in replacing all tops in brand name hotels such as Hilton, and Best Western. We have also completed kitchens and bathrooms in full senior living apartment complexes throughout Indianapolis as well as some in Greenwood for many years while working with local Kitchen and Bath contractors there. With the ability to thermoform solid surface for advanced front desk designs and make ada thermoformed shower pans for medical facilities, we are able to meet the needs of the most scrutinizing customers. We have designed and implemented ada sinks, shower stalls, complete shower enclosures and used our materials on full shower walls within facilities such as Cook Medical. Given our advanced skills in the fabrication and repair of many surfaces, especially in solid surface, we have been called in numerous applications to fix workmanship of tops created by other manufacturers, or damaged through abuse. Large scale or small, Quality Surfaces has the capability to provide surfaces that will surprise customers, satisfy and renew kitchens, baths, and more in some of the nations most well known properties.

Quality Surfaces Granite and Quartz can be found in universities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as hospitals throughout the area of Bloomington and Indianapolis. Quality Surfaces portfolio of materials doesn’t stop with solid surface and stone, as we also specialize in surfaces that can be used outside or as external cladding that will not fade or rust. These include materials such as porcelains and advanced composites that are formed through heat and pressure(sintered). The most well known of these being Dekton. Materials such as this require certification, training, and special equipment to process, and we have all of the requirements covered. If you need replacement of broken, faded, or worn material, we have solutions that are sure to please. If you want to update a property to the latest and most advance solutions in surfaces, give us a call.

Residential Remodeling

Quality Surfaces sells through many kitchen and bath companies, as well as directly to the public. We have a large showroom of countertop displays, a large faucet and sink display, and a yard full of granite slabs. Because of this, we have extensive experience in working in homes to replace and renew granite, quartz, and solid surface materials. We currently install approximately three residential jobs each day, five days a week. Our customers get a professional install of the highest quality material, and precision crafted stone or solid surface to both beautify and make their spaces more functional. Because of our expertise with many types of materials and situations, we are often called to repair installs done by other companies, fix sink mountings, remove and reinstall countertops on different cabinets, and more. Rest assured, we have completed jobs in many situations and have satisfied the most scrutinizing customers in repair, replacement, install, tearout, and more. We utilize state of the art measuring and cad equipment to ensure a great fit to our customers walls, layouts, and appliances. We use state of the art seam techniques and hand finished edges to ensure the cleanest and smoothest countertops in the business. We want customers to know that if they come to us, no one can do it better, and they have come to the right place to get the best possible outcome for their project in their home. We also want customers thinking outside the box, and realize these materials can be used many places, such as window sills, shower walls, bathtub surrounds, shower pans, window surrounds, fireplace surrounds, shower seats, and full height backsplash. With new material and new technology, we can supply material for nearly any flat surface that is sure to last the test of time. Our large format tile slabs can even be used for flooring. Anywhere tile can be places, cladding, sheetrock, or other flat ornamental surfaces can be use, we have a material that will work for those situations. Think outside the box, and trust Quality Surfaces to make your imagination come to life.

New Construction

Quality Surfaces excels in new construction. Whether commercial or residential, we have the expertise that are sure to please. When scheduling, knowing when the cabinets go in, means we can be there the day of or after to precision measure and draft using state of the art equipment. In one week after measure, those cabinets are covered with countertops that are perfectly matched to the walls and cabinets for correct overhang, sink location, appliances, and more. We have worked with builders for over 20 years, supplying some of the best known builders in the area. We take pride in knowing our countertops are in some of the nicest homes in Bloomington, Terre Haute, and more, and have been featured in magazine and newspaper articles throughout the years. We even did countertops for a national tv show. Our work in new construction goes beyond just residential homes as well. We have an on site specialist estimating and bidding commercial jobs with contractors in the area. Having countertops in nearly all schools in the surrounding area, we have experience with large scale projects as well as small. Our equipment and staff are capable of providing money saving bids on some of the largest projects in the area, and have also done projects for out of state contractors as far as Washington state. We also do many individual restaurants and chains as well, ranging from various Starbucks in the area, to Five Guys, to McDonalds, and Olive Garden. With experience in many sectors and the best known properties in the US, you can trust your new construction project to Quality Surfaces no matter what size.