About Us

My name is John Cook and I grew up in a small town in western Kentucky named Central City. It is about an hour south of Evansville, IN. I recently moved to Spencer, Indiana, after having bought Quality Surfaces in December 2014 and driving from Franklin for 3 years. Quality Surfaces is a premier fabricator of solid surface and stone countertops. It was created over 24 years ago when the founder and first owner, Mike Job, decided to use his construction expertise in the growing solid surface countertop market. Over the next 20 years, Quality Surfaces expanded the product offerings to include the finest granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, and solid surface materials. More recently, we have also expanded to more exotic manmade porcelains and specialty material as well. However, our commitment to the finest quality extends far beyond the products we carry and into the quality of workmanship we offer. We have a state-of-the-art fabrication facility, a dedicated support staff, and an in-house install crew which also highlight our dedication to providing customers unparalleled service.

I graduated from the University of KY in 2005, and Cummins brought me first to Indiana shortly after that in June 2005. Over the next 9.5 years I would move to Tennessee and back to Columbus, all while learning about product design, development, and later team leadership. While working at Cummins, I grew to learn about manufacturing and design of components for manufacturing. I first got involved in this type of business because as a design engineer at Cummins Engine Company I was highly involved with production and manufacturing of components and met someone who had also done what I was doing. This person now owned a machine shop specializing in fabrication of prototypes working with Cummins on a number of projects. I began looking for a business that involved manufacturing or design, that I felt would complement my skills and I could successfully manage. I was very interested in Computer Numerical Control technology at this time. Not being able to afford large cnc machines at this time, I took up woodworking and bought my first cnc router. Later, as I was searching for a machine shop, I called a business broker to discuss a machine shop in the area that was listed for sale, only to find that it had already sold and the listing needed to be taken down. The broker had another listing that was suspiciously listed as a “home improvement product manufacturer.” My first thoughts were, “That could be anything.” At this point, I began questioning about what the company did and thus, I stumbled upon Quality Surfaces. What I liked about this type of business is that I could apply my knowledge of manufacturing and production all in one place and the machines are essentially much larger versions of cnc equipment one might find in a machine shop. At least 3 of them are much larger versions of my own cnc router. Processing solid surface would prove to be much like processing material that I had been working with on my cnc router. So, instead of machining metals, we would be machining and shaping plastic sheets and stone slabs, and I knew that was something I could get behind, understand, and enjoy.

What makes our company different from our competition are a few key things. We offer a personal touch and experience that the retail market of Big Box chains is lacking. 100% of our customers have discovered that when they came to us, they enjoyed a much more personal experience and attention to their needs than if they were to go to a big box store. One of the details of this fact centers around the fact that in the Bloomington area, we are the only place that has full slabs of granite to view so that customers can see exactly what they are going to get. Since natural stone varies from slab to slab and bundle to bundle, this is tremendously helpful for visualization and satisfaction of the final product. Also, customers are often worried about the seams, price, and timing of projects getting accomplished. Since 2017, we have developed a specific process for finishing seams that creates the best seams in the industry. We are very competitive in price, if not the best price in the area as well. We always install one week after measure. We can also get your countertop measurements with your current countertops in place, so that you don’t have to go without countertops for a week between measure and install. There are many things we do for our customers to go above and beyond so we can delight our customers. We want our customers talking, and showing off their new space with beautiful countertops and/or surfaces provided by quality surfaces. We do more than just countertops as well, offering some of the finest fireplace surrounds, shower bases, shower walls, and full bathtub surrounds and frames. We have even created unique window surrounds integrated to bathtubs and their backsplash. No project is to complex for us to tackle, and we specialize in some of the most unique materials, being certified with materials such as Dekton and large format porcelain.

Quality Surfaces is unique in the fact that we were the first accredited company of the Natural Stone Institute in Indiana. It is a meaningful quality indicator because only the finest companies in the industry can meet all of the qualifications necessary to display the NSI seal. This protects customers from unscrupulous business practices, poor quality product, and shoddy workmanship. When you work with Quality Surfaces, you can be confident that your project will be completed in a professional manner. In case you missed it, we are so confident you will find great value in working with us on your project, if you can come in for an appointment to discuss your countertops, you will get a $15 Starbucks gift card and a nice solid surface cutting board just for allowing us to help you with the details of your remodel or new home build.

If you are on the website right now, go ahead and enter in your information to request a quote or set an appointment so we can get your project started right away, and get this gift card out to you so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee.