At Quality Surfaces, we are proud to do business with industry-leading vendors, and strive to deliver our customers the highest quality products available on the market. We supply a variety of products including Choice grade natural stone, engineered stone, porcelains, solid surface, along with faucets and fixtures of the finest brands. We are specialists in materials that not all countertop companies are willing to fabricate. These include hard to fabricate materials such as thin large format porcelain slabs and special materials such as one called Dekton which is a sintered glass type material. We also have special capabilities in solid surface and in stone due to the advanced equipment and experience working with various materials. A large thermoform machine and vacuum forming table allow us to produce shapes not all other solid surface fabricators are capable of making. Below are the many of the products that are available at Quality Surfaces.

Quartz (engineered):

Let us start out with our most popular product. Quartz, is a natural stone that is very hard and comes in a few colors. However, when the industry thinks of quartz slabs, they are thinking of engineered quartz, which uses natural quartz in a powder form, coloring, and epoxy to create beautiful slabs that mimic many colors of granites, marbles, and other natural stones. Quartz has properties like that of stone, is harder than granite, is non porous, and comes in colors that can now rival many man made stones. These characteristics have made it the leading product in the industry at this time. It essentially has all of stones strengths, and none of its weaknesses.


Granite is second to quartz in popularity, but we’ve seen it making a comeback. It is a hard, natural stone, that is porous, so it will require sealing occasionally. It is very scratch resistant, and has good stain and etch resistance compared to marbles and some other stones. Granite comes in very many colors, and can be some of the most unique and beautiful material you might ever see. It is still a top choice for countertop materials that will last a lifetime in your home. Being a natural product, no two slabs are exactly alike. Some colors are very unique and cannot be mimicked very well by man made products, making it a very good choice for someone wanting a unique countertop solution.


Marble is a softer material than Granite. This means it’s easier to scratch. It is porous like granite, and will require the occasional sealing. Marble requires a little more care than granite and other stones. Sealing technology has advanced for many years, but marble is just not as good at resisting staining and etching from acids as granites and other materials. Marble is slightly more ornamental than granite, and can be used for the most elegant furniture, flooring, countertops, and more. Because of staining and etching concerns, it is not recommended for outdoor use or other heavily used or trafficked areas.


Soapstone is a material that is soft like marble, yet non porous, and not prone to staining and etching. It is also easier to repair and renew than marble should the need ever come along. There is no need to seal, but oiling or waxing is typically done as needed to keep from getting fingerprints, and give the stone a deeper and darker tone. Due to its superior etch resistance, it has often been used in laboratories where it would be exposed to acidic and basic materials. Colors are limited to blacks, dark greens, and grays with white streaks, and sometimes the occasional orange vein. Soapstone is a very tough stone that will last forever if properly taken care of.

Quartzite (Natural):

Quartzite is one of the hardest stones available. Quartzite is porous and requires sealing like granite, however, it will not etch with water or acid. This makes it a better alternative than marble. Colors are limited, and usually range from white to gray, but are often some of the most beautiful offerings in those shades available. It often looks like marble, but is easier to care for, and harder than granite so it exhibits superior scratch resistance. Quartzite is often used ornamentally for elegant items just like marble might be used.


A very advanced manmade material that is very hard. The material is fused together through heat and pressure(sintered). It is non porous, and very strong. This does make it a brittle. This material has practically unlimited colors, due to the way it is created, and those colors are uv resistant. This makes it one of the best materials to be used outside. Superior UV, Stain, etch, and element resistance make it virtually zero maintenance and good for many applications. It has also shown greater resistance to heat and thermal fluctuations. Being the hardest material that we know of, it had great scratch resistance.

Solid Surface:

When people think of solid surface, they often think of the brand Corian. Corian is a brand of this cast acrylic material that became the most popular and is associated with the product like Coke is to cola. Solid surface is non porous, and has non porous glues, which makes it primarily used in commercial applications where sanitary conditions are required. This is because it is easily cleaned and does not harbor harmful bacteria or viruses. It is softer than stone, so it is more easily scratched, however it is easily repairable and the surface can be renewed with basic sanding and buffing. It comes in 100’s of colors, but has the least UV resistance of materials listed here, so it would not be a good choice for anything that will be exposed to the sun. Solid surfaces has lower than normal heat resistance, so it is not ideal for environments where it would be exposed to excess heat without adequate insulation to protect it.

Faucets, Sinks, Fixtures:

We carry name brands that everyone knows and trusts, as well as some luxury brands for these items. You will find catalogs and displays on site including sinks from Blanco, Kohler, and more; Faucets from Delta, Kohler, Blanco, Brizo, and more; as well as trusted suppliers for products that fit anyone’s budget.